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00:00:00 – the following program deals with the controversial subject. the theories
00:00:04 – expressed are not the only possible interpretation viewers are invited to
00:00:09 – make a judgement based on all available information
00:00:32 – I got it on tape and it was recording other it is over the left
00:00:38 – the speed was extraordinary it looks like a science officer
00:00:45 – I made it right job is something without something overpowered is battling back
00:00:50 – on now we see a long line of talking to me
00:00:57 – he's called extinct if it is a hoax of this material vanished the thought alone
00:01:02 – absolutely matter of seconds
00:01:09 – lastly the possible eyes on foot
00:01:14 – my life every attempt to get to the bottom of
00:01:18 – this has been stonewalled there's more to this world I think there's a reason
00:01:23 – for this
00:01:53 – extraterrestrial life for ages humanity has wondered is there anything else in
00:01:58 – the cold darkness of space skeptics say there is no proof why do you say that
00:02:05 – UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over our heads because I know that they
00:02:11 – are you want to foe in China skies forced Xiao Qian Airport to stop
00:02:16 – operations on July 7th outbound flights were grounded after the unidentified
00:02:20 – flying object was detected by a flight crew the incident has captured the
00:02:25 – attention of Chinese media theories about the UFOs identity are burning up
00:02:29 – on the internet as well include everything from a hidden u.s. bomber to
00:02:34 – an elaborate man-made hoaxes for now the UFO continues to be a
00:02:38 – mystery spokesman from China's Civil Aviation Administration confirmed Davis
00:02:42 – is the madam is under investigation some Chinese residents are on edge this
00:02:47 – morning after another apparent UFO sighting it's the second one in two
00:02:51 – weeks the first sighting was on July 7th and an airport had to be shut down
00:02:55 – I bet the UFO if I've ever seen one there can you identifiable the airport
00:02:59 – had to be shuttled down after people apparently saw twinkling lights above
00:03:02 – the airport terminal 17 flights had to be diverted the last latest sighting
00:03:06 – happened just two days ago and people say they saw for lanterns like objects
00:03:10 – forming a diamond shape in the air hovering in the sky for over an hour
00:03:14 – aviation experts
00:03:25 – scientists from all over the world are trying to figure out what caused the
00:03:29 – mysterious blue light to spiral in the sky over Norway on Wednesday as UFO
00:03:35 – sightings go this one was as good or as weird as it gets a light appearing high
00:03:41 – in the Arctic sky baffling those who thought and exciting a lot of comet
00:03:46 – early yesterday morning just before dawn disappeared in the Norwegian sky a blue
00:03:53 – light small at first growing into a spiral and then disappearing into what
00:03:57 – appeared to be a black hole in the northern community of trundle egg and on
00:04:01 – a Norwegian military base cellphone snapped video cameras rules and bloggers
00:04:06 – got busy button I Norwegian authorities are investigating strange lights seen in
00:04:11 – the Arctic sky the spiraling white light was seen for several minutes Wednesday
00:04:15 – morning locals say the light appeared to be bigger than the moon thousands of
00:04:20 – Norwegians bombarded the meteorological Institute to us what that light could
00:04:24 – have possibly mean so fairly could have been a meteor others a black hole and
00:04:28 – there are even those that thought it could be aliens a strange spiraling
00:04:32 – white light was spotted in the early morning sky of the Sydney with even
00:04:36 – sceptical witnesses wondering if it was you
00:04:39 – the unusual Sun was recorded by hundreds of people from Victoria North Queensland
00:04:44 – a spiral in the sky around a bright line by the quest baffles by an unexplained
00:04:49 – personal life seen hovering high over Moscow when the image people described
00:04:54 – seeing a wide circular formation in the sky for the capturing detectable so
00:05:00 – health aware the scientists as specialists find an explanation for the
00:05:05 – back
00:05:14 – what was in the skies over Jerusalem and why did it stop over one of the most
00:05:20 – treasured sites in Christianity there's a new video this morning that some say
00:05:24 – may be proved were not alone in the universe UFO when they're 12 a bright
00:05:29 – light a team is sending over the Dome of the rock Jerusalem the video is said to
00:05:33 – be taken over the weekend then something light shoots up into the sky another
00:05:39 – video from a different angle your sunlight doing the same thing now it is
00:05:43 – sparking intense debate on the Internet trace Gallagher following inside our
00:05:47 – West Coasters answer the question is what was that UFO what was he doing over
00:05:52 – Jerusalem and you know is he back yeah and that is the question by the way
00:05:56 – Megan because you know critics it's it's difficult for them to dismiss this
00:05:59 – because there are so many different angles we've got four different videos
00:06:03 – all from various perspectives but they do not know anything like this in the
00:06:08 – Israeli army the startling domed flying machine you are seeing was videotaped
00:06:15 – over America on May 24th 2003 it appears to be a mysterious device displaying
00:06:21 – some unknown propulsion system other than as a matter of fact they've been
00:06:28 – visiting our planet for thousands of years and one of the cases that would
00:06:34 – interest you most at the give me truth the minister answer is during the Cold
00:06:39 – War 1961 there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia to
00:06:47 – the across Europe and the supreme Allied commander was very concerned and about
00:06:55 – ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over
00:06:59 – the North Pole so we decided to do an investigation
00:07:04 – and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute
00:07:11 – certainty that four species or different species at least have been visiting this
00:07:17 – planet for thousands of years
00:07:22 – they were flying over the Fairbanks area around 50 in the afternoon when strange
00:07:28 – things started to happen investigative reporter and author Leslie
00:07:32 – Kane is written extensively on the UFO phenomena at first captain Terauchi
00:07:38 – looked out and saw some light in the distance and the copilot and the
00:07:42 – engineer Solomon as well he wasn't sure what they were so he radioed in to ask
00:07:46 – whether there was any traffic in the area that he should know about about
00:07:49 – their sixth Ranger game captain Terauchi contacts Anchorage air-traffic
00:07:54 – controller Carl Henley the other hey do you have any traffic it's a question no
00:08:01 – air traffic controller wants to hear and when a controller here's the magic words
00:08:07 – if traffic you may usually cold sweat breaks out because it means he missed
00:08:12 – something in 1986 John Callahan was the Federal Aviation Administration's
00:08:18 – division chief of accidents and investigations product summary out ants
00:08:25 – one of me that I should know about or you know about the Hayden positive
00:08:28 – aspects which means nobody else could fly in that air traffic approaches only
00:08:33 – three or four down from the end I became the branch chief for the quality control
00:08:37 – quality control branch later on became the division and I became a division C
00:08:42 – and they called it the accident investigations
00:08:47 – branch and wasn't even safe
00:09:01 – my god this clarity is very close and the American people need to prepare
00:09:07 – themselves very soon for the house tomorrow
00:09:12 – engaging this planet can you trace
00:09:32 – hold on conclusion that they're up there take a look at our guys there are a
00:09:38 – hundred billion stars in our galaxy not take a look at the galaxies of the
00:09:43 – universe will actually happen in the visible universe our telescopes have the
00:09:49 – range to see a hundred billion galaxies well how many stars are
00:09:54 – in the visible universe count them 100 billion 500 billion
00:10:01 – you have to be supremely elegant to believe that we are the only ones in
00:10:07 – town but that's just the visible universe
00:10:10 – according to media intelligent life my daughter exists Anapa dimensions how's
00:10:15 – this concept of extra dimensions first stream
00:10:21 – we are forced to confront the idea what information
00:10:26 – just be able to unify all
00:10:38 – apparently the last party in April I look down and I see the chaos of the
00:10:48 – street right Leopold I can see a unity a coherent that you cannot say on the
00:10:54 – bottle of the street below sometimes terrible and even if it did down a
00:11:04 – challenge alone I'll think about life in the universe trying to say the universe
00:11:11 – is so big no one is ever going to be able to meet the earth of the distance
00:11:15 – cars
00:11:21 – is the concept of blessing alone run stream through different dimensions and
00:11:33 – to travel for one
00:11:37 – there is a character said that was things called into a black hole they get
00:11:42 – blue out the other end the other end of the black hole is a rifle a white over
00:11:47 – man came down to the last number of the universe's think of a soap bubble we
00:11:58 – live on the skin of a soap bubble that expanding but if you fight with the
00:12:02 – block-level hit but it's found a baby soap mold and
00:12:06 – all of a sudden you have this soap bubbles so we do things that perhaps our
00:12:10 – universe coexists with other soap bubbles perhaps connected by black holes
00:12:15 – and there's not a universe but a multiverse of university wonder if you
00:12:21 – can just give us a kind of summary of of what you saw when you were here in July
00:12:29 – 1947 working at Roswell Army Airfield well it was very unusual because when I
00:12:36 – first got here I was told that what I was going to see I never saw it I never
00:12:42 – was supposed to talk about you saw wreckage yeah and it didn't look like
00:12:48 – aircraft wreckage like an ordinary kind of plane that might have gone down if I
00:12:54 – see a lot of aircraft records and they hit the ground they burn you can see a
00:12:59 – lot of burn pieces on what's left over on this thing he didn't have the kind of
00:13:07 – appearance so what happened when you went to the hospital one door there at
00:13:12 – the hospital was parts of the opening on the corridor there
00:13:16 – and there was a terrible order there it was smelly and inside they were working
00:13:25 – in a small creature did it look human
00:13:29 – you feel confident that that was not a human being
00:13:35 – well I don't think it was I asked him a couple of times trying to get a sense of
00:13:41 – did you really think this was a nonhuman anything to think it was a nonhuman he
00:13:45 – seemed to be pretty sure about that could you give me any details about what
00:13:49 – the face looked like did you see eyes nose mouth no it was a
00:13:54 – little much portion 3-1 and he wasn't a regular nose like that it was much just
00:14:03 – better protruded something little was he dead or alive he was still alive
00:14:08 – this one was moved a little in move slow and then he moved the other way how
00:14:19 – close did you get to this creature in hospital about roughly about 20 feet
00:14:26 – well thank you so much for talking to us I really appreciate it thank you right
00:14:32 – thank you he believes in his heart that he saw
00:14:35 – something that didn't come from this world I got a real feeling from him that
00:14:39 – he was telling the truth left with the testimony of this clearly
00:14:45 – very sincere seeming man I would have a very hard time trying to say I don't
00:14:51 – believe you the President to Truman at that time and convened a very high-level
00:14:59 – committee to examine this alien or UFO phenomenon they did come to the
00:15:05 – conclusion that it was alien and the military and rightly came to the
00:15:11 – conclusion if this if they're hostile there's nothing we can do about it
00:15:15 – therefore their choice was to design and to hush it up they single out some
00:15:21 – single footage that I would bring in for for congressional hearings it would
00:15:25 – probably be Jeff Willis is a tape of the flying dome craft it has been analyzed
00:15:31 – enough by very high tech equipment to say there's something there which is a
00:15:36 – phallic and it's and it's definitely anti-gravity pipe trap is it ours I
00:15:41 – don't know Willis a dedicated video agra fir has taped several inexplicable UFOs
00:15:48 – over phoenix a city that many experts claim has the most UFO activity of any
00:15:55 – American city but it's Willis's focused effort to document strange disc-shaped
00:16:02 – craft and eerie nighttime formations that has produced some of the strongest
00:16:07 – UFO evidence on record december 11th 2004 in the clear blue skies above
00:16:14 – phoenix willis manages to take this disk
00:16:17 – hovering for several minutes before a strange second object streaks
00:16:21 – past it from above oh watch closely as the second object seems to do a free
00:16:28 – fall dangerously close to the larger stationary disc then on May 24th 2005
00:16:35 – the two-year anniversary of his astounding domed saucer sighting Willis
00:16:40 – captured this enigmatic craft navigating over his house it too appears
00:16:46 – to be a metallic device displaying unknown flight characteristics moving
00:16:51 – silently to the right the UFO now appears to be two objects or has split
00:16:57 – into separate parts somehow linked together just a few
00:17:01 – months later will it's videotape this day light did which incredibly turns
00:17:07 – into an orange glowing orb before vanishing behind the
00:17:11 – building but the nighttime UFO encounters Willis managed to record
00:17:15 – during this same period are perhaps even more difficult to explain and were
00:17:20 – witnessed by a fellow Sky Watcher on May 12 2005 we set up the camera equipment
00:17:26 – so then all of a sudden I thought to myself turn the camera on and hit the
00:17:30 – record button for some reason I did it Izu me out a little bit right when I
00:17:36 – zoomed out four lights appear in a triangular formation in the distance
00:17:42 – whoa I'm getting a series of Lights right there I got it I got it my crew
00:17:46 – lights on the right of the object disappear and reappear in front of the
00:17:50 – remaining two got it Pat if you haven't sat down yeah right now clouds
00:17:55 – yeah and those lights go out about a half a second later it reappears there
00:18:00 – it is over the left Wow gently watch it Pat nothing fraud that's
00:18:04 – right in the light although the military base nearby denied it
00:18:08 – the video shows it's possible that they were aware of this extraordinary UFO
00:18:12 – sighting and perhaps others like it sure enough not two minutes after that UFO
00:18:18 – disappears you see an f50 encircle area here comes the f-15 check it out
00:18:23 – we were getting reports of this same phenomenon that's the whole reason why
00:18:28 – we were up on that mountain there was an object appearing lights that would jump
00:18:32 – in front of each other the very next week Willis and another
00:18:36 – Sky Watcher went to the home of a local resident who had reportedly seemed
00:18:41 – different yet equally baffling orb repeatedly flying over his house and
00:18:45 – nearby mountain range these dramatic events that unfolded in
00:18:51 – front of Willis's and the other witnesses cameras have never been shown
00:18:55 – publicly these objects appear first three orbs for about three minutes and
00:19:02 – then the two orbs on the right disappear mysteriously and there's one logic left
00:19:09 – about a minute later three more objects magically appear on the left of the
00:19:15 – original orb that's left three of them appear at the same time above it in a
00:19:20 – triangular formation with the one light off to the side at this point we're all
00:19:25 – going crazy we can't believe a world videotaping what we're seeing is amazing
00:19:30 – those see that it's coming from okay more Peru and the original light that
00:19:43 – started disappears and now we have a triangle formation of lights the lead
00:19:49 – triangle light disappears there's two lights left all of a sudden two more
00:19:54 – lights appear above it in the same distance that's the original 2r so now
00:20:01 – we have four lights again and the two on the Left disappear and now we have two
00:20:06 – lights and then those two lights slowly disappear in this whole sequence lasted
00:20:10 – about six minutes it's some of the most amazing footage that I ever got on video
00:20:16 – nighttime footage and we got it on three different cameras
00:20:24 – alright cuz I you let that I don't sound like to be scared I just can't take it
00:20:28 – you know I don't know what it is well I wish I could give you an answer to this
00:20:32 – bizarre hiding I really can't but I can tell you that
00:20:35 – earlier today there was dozens and dozens of people why not 23rd an age
00:20:39 – they were standing right here and they will own a stupor too loud together
00:20:44 – looking into this side but a lot of people are looking up is because of a
00:20:48 – mystery in the sky is it a balloon a UFO whatever it is it sure has a lot of
00:20:53 – people talking I would have to supporter defecates is live in Chelsea where crowd
00:20:56 – gather Jeff what's this all about well shudder we don't know
00:21:04 – so
00:21:38 – you
00:23:02 – started with my grandfather he died in 1980 and left me all of his material and
00:23:07 – on Erich von Daniken and Erich von Daniken's the whole idea was that we
00:23:13 – were visited once before and it was my idea that I want to try to go out and
00:23:17 – try to get proof for this it started basically in five years ago in Michigan
00:23:21 – while we were living in Michigan I caught one object on video I brought it
00:23:25 – to the airport and no one knew would have was there and that's how the ball
00:23:28 – started rolling on May 2nd 1998 oh we were outside my son and I were outside
00:23:33 – playing in the dirt and I looked up and I saw and it was kind of cloudy that day
00:23:38 – and I saw something sitting up in the cloud so I ran real quick my camcorder
00:23:42 – was ready to go I came back and I was in right up to it for about 15 minutes I
00:23:47 – had this on video but for the first five minutes all of a sudden he disappeared
00:23:52 – they went from one part of the sky at least 30 miles 20 30 miles in a split
00:23:59 – second I zipped the camera over and I catch it again and it was just
00:24:05 – absolutely fantastic because the object is huge it's over definitely over 100
00:24:09 – feet in diameter I set the zoom on infinity basically and
00:24:13 – zoom in to the maximum and it looks I mean it's hard to say what it looks like
00:24:18 – though it looked like a flying saucer Miller was able to capture this amazing
00:24:24 – daylight UFO cluster and two orbs and their only comment was they have no idea
00:24:30 – what the objects are I have no idea what I'm catching on video if these objects
00:24:34 – are ours military secret projects were at least a thousand years beyond our
00:24:40 – present technology that they let us know about I personally think it's a
00:24:44 – sensitization process that our public is going through Buffy knees try to have
00:24:49 – your camcorder handy and ready at all times say when you do see something
00:24:53 – you'll catch something amazing on video and then we all can come together and go
00:24:58 – to Congress with this and then they the public hearings could spark and on the
00:25:03 – Americans could learn the truth once and for all
00:25:06 – and Miller is not alone in his desire to capture UFO evidence for public scrutiny
00:25:11 – Tom Sabourin another UFO hunter began videotaping UFOs after seeing
00:25:17 – extraordinary footage taken over Gulf Breeze Florida in the early 1990s
00:25:22 – breathtaking when I first seen the videos of in Gulf Breeze
00:25:26 – it made me go out and get a camera I started going out every night and every
00:25:31 – day I made it my job to get it on tape it looked like a big cigarette he was
00:25:36 – flying past the sky it looked like four balls that was connected the third ball
00:25:43 – to the end was red the last ball white white white red I think it is it could
00:25:49 – be extraterrestrial or some type of new hand
00:25:53 – I'm just Ahana we don't want to hear bye we want to see the Gulf Breeze UFO
00:25:57 – sightings that so inspired Sabourin and others to point their cameras skyward
00:26:02 – have never been explained and remain some of the best UFO incidents ever
00:26:07 – recorded Gulf Breeze Florida 1987 a man living in this seaside town located near
00:26:14 – sensitive military installations delivered these startling photos to the
00:26:19 – town newspaper soon after this extraordinary videotape
00:26:23 – of the same structured craft was made public
00:26:27 – Navy optical physicist dr. Bruce Maccabee went to Gulf Breeze to
00:26:32 – investigate but wasn't until I spent a considerable amount of time analyzing it
00:26:36 – that I realized just how impressive it was the shape the structure and the way
00:26:41 – it moved is not a characteristic of any craft at human being to make Gulf Breeze
00:26:47 – 1993 these UFOs were caught on tape by another local resident look at this
00:26:52 – footage of an accelerating UFO in slow motion the object does not appear to be
00:26:57 – a missile or any known projectiles nor does this strange object here it is
00:27:03 – again in a third clip in slow motion the camera record the small Silver Streak of
00:27:09 – instant acceleration we don't have this capability for propulsion technology in
00:27:16 – existence in human science redfish Point Florida 1993 this extraordinary cylinder
00:27:23 – shaped UFO was recorded just outside Gulf Breeze by UFO investigator Michael
00:27:29 – Hawkins it hovers over the beach not too far from Eglin Air Force Base it was
00:27:34 – scaring me actually I never seen nothing like that before with any kind of
00:27:38 – structure on it I thought maybe it might be a military craft but after a while I
00:27:42 – started to thinking you know possibly have some kind of alien probe Midway's
00:27:46 – City Florida 1993 amazingly Hawkins managed to shoot footage of another
00:27:52 – strange object near Gulf Breeze that was also videotaped by two other
00:27:56 – photographers these astonishing videos taken from different angles reveal an
00:28:02 – amazing Christmas tree shaped craft hovering over a dense four
00:28:06 – at times the object appears to give off dense smoke then suddenly it shines an
00:28:12 – intense beam directly at the camera from all the tapes of collective I do believe
00:28:17 – there is alien activity over though please and that's exactly what Hawking
00:28:22 – thinks he captured on tape in this never-before-seen video shot near Gulf
00:28:27 – Breeze two years later but never released until now this craft has
00:28:33 – stunning similarity to what was seen in local newspapers and on tapes at the
00:28:38 – very start of the Gulf Breeze UFO wave oh man there it is I got it now after
00:28:47 – spotting the illuminated craft near redfish point a few other investigators
00:28:52 – Hawkins drives his car as far as he can before being blocked by trees
00:28:57 – I can't drive man I didn't get to zoomin there's the same time get out man
00:29:02 – get out braving mosquitoes and thorny vines to get closer
00:29:06 – Hawkins does everything he can to keep the portal encircled UFO in frame his
00:29:13 – running description is breathtaking I got it now Oh
00:29:21 – that's it man that's it that's it man it's a sampling golf
00:29:28 – killer man we got it man that thanks for real just find me okay hit it
00:29:38 – come on focus focus focus check that out check that out
00:29:48 – write it with a base if we can see reference holes in this video
00:29:52 – ready to see records I see trees and they have the reference point this thing
00:29:59 – takes all those kind of video
00:30:08 – the thing is real it can't be no balloon no balloon man mobile is real that's a
00:30:18 – real thing view is the real thing the h*** there to go da man gone Hawkins was
00:30:30 – able to videotape the bizarre craft extremely close up and had it perfectly
00:30:35 – in frame just as it seems to vanish in the blink of an eye but whatever all
00:30:42 – these perplexing UFOs videotaped for years over America represents there's no
00:30:47 – doubt that mysterious craft are also being recorded around the globe and even
00:30:52 – hundreds of miles above it these video sequences might prove once and for all
00:30:58 – that NASA knows UFOs are navigating just above the earth and dangerously close to
00:31:04 – our space shuttle missions Franklin we see a long line when I saw the tape I
00:31:12 – realized that I was looking at very exciting incredible footage that has
00:31:17 – never before been seen by the public David Cerreta a former defense
00:31:22 – department subcontractor has been studying NASA's possible interest in
00:31:26 – UFOs for over 15 years and he believes this incident which has since become
00:31:32 – legendary on the Internet as the tether incident may prove UFOs are real
00:31:37 – February 25th 1996 100 miles above Africa an
00:31:42 – experimental satellite system attached to a 12 mile long electricity conducting
00:31:48 – tether suddenly breaks within moments the
00:31:50 – satellite drifts almost 100 miles away nitrogen gas gathers around the tether
00:31:56 – effectively turning it into a gigantic fluorescent light in space incredibly it
00:32:01 – seems to attract some strange companies whatever the UFO is video tapes by NASA
00:32:07 – cameras are there is no doubt that back down on earth they continue to be filmed
00:32:12 – over every major country around the globe
00:32:14 – February 3rd 1995 during the early morning hours a woman takes this
00:32:20 – mysterious craft hovering above Beijing China
00:32:23 – notice how the glowing object floats making no sharp turns or sudden
00:32:28 – maneuvers while some dismissed the craft of the blimp airline pilot and UFO
00:32:33 – researcher Jim current is not so sure I'm quite aware of what a blimp looks
00:32:37 – like these advertising blimps are in many areas around the world I have
00:32:42 – checked with the blimp company that supplies many of the advertising plants
00:32:46 – we also did a check with the control tower the radar military and civilian
00:32:51 – over there and there were no registered aircraft in the area at that time blimp
00:32:54 – or otherwise so I'm not quite sure what it is
00:32:59 – before May 29th 1993 Stuttgart Germany halfway around the world then 15 year
00:33:07 – old time nectar recorded a crap remarkably similar to the one seen over
00:33:12 – Beijing China I saw this thing and I thought oh my god
00:33:17 – what's that and because of that I took my camera and shooted and I was really
00:33:25 – afraid of it what are we to make of these unusual looking craft video taped
00:33:32 – in the skies above China and Germany are they blimps or something much more
00:33:36 – inexplicable dr. Bruce Maccabee believed he had the answer we have studied a
00:33:43 – number of videos with this sort of an image and in some cases have been able
00:33:47 – to absolutely prove that this is an image of a blimp which has lights on the
00:33:52 – inside a transparent skin this shape right here matches very closely perhaps
00:33:57 – exactly with the known shapes of internally lighted blips Derby England
00:34:04 – March 13th 1995 this unidentified flying object was caught on tape for nearly an
00:34:11 – hour the strangely shaped object was described as being completely silent
00:34:17 – appears later in August 1998 a large metallic object was caught on tape again
00:34:23 – in England this time in the village of Silbury Hill an area famous for UFO
00:34:27 – sightings the noiseless craft was said to hover in the sky for two to three
00:34:31 – minutes before disappearing and then it returned then blinked out during a
00:34:37 – five-month long wave of UFO sightings in Peru in February 1999 two photographers
00:34:43 – captured the same imposing object on the very same evening just outside women the
00:34:48 – next night this mysterious craft was caught on tape again for a full 40
00:34:53 – minutes as it hovered above the nearby town of Puebla Libre
00:34:57 – look at this red glow on the objects underside later three distinct white
00:35:02 – lights appear on top jim quran finds the images baffling you
00:35:06 – have something that was so strange that anybody seen it would have to say I
00:35:14 – can't explain it Ecuador 1995 a high-school student named
00:35:20 – Victor Chu Luisa managed to capture what many experts consider one of the most
00:35:24 – extraordinary UFOs ever caught on tape in this fascinating footage a structured
00:35:30 – rotating craft can clearly be seen in the nighttime sky
00:35:34 – according to chin Luisa the craft covered very briefly I was with glucose
00:35:41 – ins one friend suddenly we saw from red light his type
00:35:48 – five minutes later maybe I went out with the camera again if he sold it was like
00:35:56 – a star like a fixpoint struggling and I began filming 500 people in the city of
00:36:04 – Guayaquil reportedly witnessed this stunning close encounter the craft which
00:36:09 – resembles a glowing chandelier did not appear to be any craft that she Luisa
00:36:13 – and the others with them were familiar with including the highly concentrated
00:36:18 – Indian air indeed what whatever he used to be in
00:36:22 – the community it wasn't for me unbelievable I was so astonished that I
00:36:27 – couldn't say anything Quito Ecuador one year later a round object was spotted in
00:36:33 – the night sky again the craft exhibited an elaborate array of lights no known
00:36:39 – man-made object or aircraft looks like this
00:36:44 – December 3rd 1994 Monterrey Mexico what you are seeing is perhaps the most
00:36:49 – compelling nighttime UFO video ever caught on tape in that region a
00:36:54 – respected UFO researcher Santiago eforea shot the tape from the mountain
00:36:59 – commercial this huge red Lowen very bright object so I began filming and
00:37:07 – realized that it was indeed a year for triangular shape rest long beautiful
00:37:14 – very silent and it was very low altitude look here at vitória zoomed in with
00:37:20 – this camera focusing on its mysterious red glow we took today's review in the
00:37:27 – video making analysis from the computer can we discover that the video for has
00:37:32 – this kind of energy all around can there be any simple explanations for
00:37:37 – the strange objects continuously being recorded around the globe and even above
00:37:41 – it most UFO investigators remain perplexed interestingly some don't see
00:37:47 – it as a threat but as a blessing we don't know what they are where did they
00:37:52 – come from whether they want but we are convinced that this presence is possible
00:37:57 – to our lives undoubtedly such reverence concerning UFOs in Mexico can be traced
00:38:05 – to perhaps the most spectacular UFO event ever caught on tape in that
00:38:09 – country or arguably the entire world it happened on July 11 1991 when
00:38:17 – hundreds of people aimed their cameras skyward during a solar eclipse this
00:38:23 – startling video was taken during the Eclipse by Guillermo Oregon a network TV
00:38:28 – executive it documents an eerie metallic craft with a saucer shape that was also
00:38:35 – videotaped by other video ographers in Mexico City and other places throughout
00:38:39 – the country almost simultaneously this unprecedented mass UFO sighting during
00:38:47 – the Eclipse assured in a Mexico UFO wave that continued throughout the 1990s as
00:38:53 – UFO Watchers kept their cameras trained to the sky amazingly many Mexican people
00:39:01 – are starting to believe that not only are unidentified flying objects
00:39:05 – navigating in the skies above them but aliens are actually landing and meeting
00:39:10 – with their countrymen December 8 1999 as a Mexico City
00:39:15 – businessman gets dressed for work in the early morning he spotted this unusual
00:39:19 – craft outside his window and managed to capture it on tape
00:39:23 – listen as he speaks to the possible inhabitants of the unknown craft sir my
00:39:30 – lip I don't fit I have a look he realized that it could be some of
00:39:39 – these so-called year forces and it was the classic shape of the oval uniform
00:39:44 – most of the times presentation discretion Mexico he was very excited
00:39:48 – and he say how are you boys how are you saying what can you tell me
00:39:53 – about Alpha Centauri and suddenly the with the objects disappear maybe they
00:39:58 – didn't like the comment notice the dark upper and bottom edges
00:40:02 – of the craft and the spinning movement in the middle which seems to disturb the
00:40:06 – atmosphere around it whatever was floating in the Mexico City
00:40:11 – sky that morning remains a mystery
00:40:16 – but there are some UFO cases in Mexico which simply put are either too good to
00:40:21 – be true for elaborate hoaxes incredibly some of these even involve meeting with
00:40:27 – alleged alien beings November 1991 Tepes Quan Mexico a man named Carlos Diaz
00:40:35 – managed to capture a UFO over his house look here as the zooms in on this
00:40:41 – strange orange object in the sky
00:40:45 – then suddenly he's somehow right on top of it as we see sharp detail rarely seen
00:40:51 – in nighttime UFO videos it was like plasma classic plasma shape with red
00:40:59 – color red glowing colo and with this spinning movement that the show that it
00:41:06 – was indeed a year fall and not another known object while Carlos Diaz his first
00:41:13 – videos may be impressive with some experts many still feel that he is a
00:41:18 – professional photographer should have stopped there in his first videotaped
00:41:23 – sighting Diaz has managed to record many other UFOs but some of them are simply
00:41:28 – too far-fetched and simply look hoax click this video taken in June of 1992
00:41:35 – notice how the UFO suddenly appears out of nowhere almost as if it had turned on
00:41:40 – like a light bulb another video taken in May of 1993 shows the craft close up
00:41:46 – suddenly some strange laser beam seemingly shoots out from the bottom but
00:41:52 – are we seeing an actual UFO or merely a part of an elaborate hoax perpetrated
00:41:57 – ideas dr. Bruce Maccabee has viewed much of the d.edge material this video was
00:42:06 – shot through a window in his house and that means that there's a possibility
00:42:11 – that he could have hung something in front of the camera now just outside his
00:42:14 – house quite easily but do we disregard all of the Ed's video evidence simply
00:42:20 – because some of it may not look credible I can't say that every one of these
00:42:24 – things is not an actual unidentified flying object out there I would tend to
00:42:30 – believe that some of them may be fabricated to add even more controversy
00:42:34 – Diaz is claiming actual alien contact he alleges that
00:42:39 – beings from another world invite him aboard their spaceship and give him
00:42:43 – messages for mankind peroneus told me that he was absorbed by the plasma craft
00:42:51 – in some way so when they commit the occupants to say that they were beings
00:42:59 – of light kind of a spiritual extraterrestrial September 1994 in the
00:43:06 – small village of meta pack in central Mexico a woman went public with the
00:43:10 – video showing a supposed alien being in a field next to her home she didn't
00:43:17 – shoot it just once she allegedly shot it twice the alleged alien in the field
00:43:23 – videotape in meta Peck has made news headlines in several countries but is it
00:43:29 – real take a look at the image it appears to be a glowing creature of some kind
00:43:35 – the body seems somewhat squatty the head possibly a typical alien seen in many
00:43:41 – magazines and newspapers as well as books
00:43:46 – what are we to make of it many experts are baffled to this day remains a
00:43:54 – mystery while UFOs have been videotaped in
00:43:57 – record numbers around the world and even above it nowhere have there been more
00:44:02 – sightings of mysterious craft than over Israel the inexplicably fury UFOs caught
00:44:09 – on tape over the Holy Land are some of the most extraordinary images ever
00:44:12 – recorded some UFO experts even think it's possible that they are proof that
00:44:17 – extraterrestrials are keenly interested in Israel's security
00:44:21 – September 1996 this kichul EUR and fascinating image which filmed by a
00:44:26 – resident of an area called Jafar Sava when the craft first appeared it
00:44:31 – resembled an apple with a strange top and bottom this incredible UFO was seen
00:44:36 – again in a different configuration the next evening after it appeared a third
00:44:41 – night the videographer marveled at its intricate design look here at the many
00:44:46 – forms a team could take one night there are three life on top the second night
00:44:51 – only one the third night the light takes on the shape of a crown and the entire
00:44:56 – object shrinks in size and turns a deep shade of orange UFO researcher Michael
00:45:01 – Lindemann has never come across anything quite like this
00:45:05 – seeing the video of this thing I must say it's it's very impressive and I
00:45:10 – can't imagine what it is it doesn't look like any prosaic object that I can think
00:45:17 – of it doesn't bear any reasonable resemblance to a conventional aircraft
00:45:23 – of any kind we showed the intriguing video to dr.
00:45:27 – Bruce Maccabee he offers a possible explanation for what we are seeing the
00:45:32 – question is is this image shape actually the shape of the object or is it a
00:45:36 – modified by the camera it's on automatic focus it likely tries to focus at the
00:45:41 – wrong distance when that happens you get an image in which the shape of the image
00:45:45 – is related to the aperture of the camera rather than the actual shape of the
00:45:49 – object but how is it possible that the same individual using the same
00:45:54 – captured three separate images on three separate nights if so what are we really
00:45:59 – looking at MacCabe reminds us it could be an optical illusion this thing right
00:46:03 – here suggests to me that the actual shape of the object has not got round
00:46:09 – things like that it was a very bright light which may well be a UFO but the
00:46:15 – shape of the object is probably not this shape but this amazing flying structured
00:46:22 – crap has no earthly explanation they were seen over the small farming village
00:46:27 – of kaput Katsura for three consecutive nights in August 1996 the video shot by
00:46:36 – a teenage boy living at the caboose shows a bizarre looking partially lit
00:46:41 – craft with strange red markings and rectangular shapes when the camera zooms
00:46:49 – in we see what appears to be a light on the craft left side take on amazing
00:46:55 – structure a structure some say resembles a huge flying building with hallways
00:47:05 – the young video Agra fer and witnesses around him were completely stunned by
00:47:10 – the strange machine in the nighttime sky as the camera continued to roll the
00:47:16 – craft hovered above for hours after it was caught again on tape the next night
00:47:24 – word of the strange craft had spread and some 60 members of the caboose came out
00:47:30 – to see it in all its glorious colors though the same video ographers camera
00:47:35 – inexplicably lost power on the third night he managed to film the odd crap
00:47:39 – using a neighbour's camera look what he managed to capture on paper the
00:47:46 – structure is so massive that the illuminated portion is said to represent
00:47:51 – only five seven percent of its actual size
00:47:56 – is this the design of some otherworldly architecture as incredible as it sounds
00:48:04 – some UFO researchers claim it could be housing alien inhabitants giant aliens
00:48:11 – as described in the Bible
00:48:17 – no one has ever seen one like this before it was captured on two separate
00:48:21 – nights one separate morning over a hundred people saw it very cherish is
00:48:26 – one of the most respected UFO investigators in Israel today he
00:48:30 – believes that this is one of the most extraordinary UFOs ever caught on tape
00:48:34 – but we're dealing with with cuts or is a very large UFO this thing is not just a
00:48:41 – round disc this thing's got windows it's got two rows of Windows or vents or who
00:48:48 – knows what on earth they're shaped because they are very odd offbeat
00:48:52 – squares and they manage to get a close-up of these vents I mean really
00:48:58 – close you're right inside them and it could be key for all you know and you
00:49:04 – have no idea what's attacking you that this orange structure I believe its
00:49:10 – energy vents or something something to do with venting energy the kibbutz is
00:49:14 – near an Israeli Air Force Base but Chama SH is convinced this is no military
00:49:19 – craft everything is wrong the dimensions are wrong the squares aren't quite
00:49:23 – squares if it was a military vehicle it hasn't come back it's never been the
00:49:27 – likes of it has never been seen ever again then what was hovering above
00:49:31 – Israel for three consecutive nights at plummer obviously if this is up in the
00:49:35 – sky there's nothing that's supposed to be up in the sky it looked quite like
00:49:39 – that it apparently is some object which has got that sort of a size to it in
00:49:43 – this level of blow up when they zoom in and get a structured image out of this
00:49:48 – it's just plain it doesn't look like anything that I've ever seen does look
00:49:53 – like any ordinary UFO that's for sure but certainly does look like an airplane
00:49:57 – or a blimp balloons or whatever this would have to be considered to be
00:50:02 – unknown these unexplainable UFOs videotapes over
00:50:06 – Israel have never been cited anywhere else in the world
00:50:09 – some believe the Holy Land may hold special significance for visitors from
00:50:14 – other world even Israeli television has broadcast images of possible UFOs on the
00:50:20 – noon however according to Thomas the Israeli military has secretly viewed
00:50:26 – UFOs as a possible threat Israel has never admitted to UFOs and I know for a
00:50:33 – fact that our Air Force is chasing them constantly I was in the Air Force we
00:50:38 – were ordered not to tell you this extraordinary footage may actually show
00:50:42 – a UFO being tracked by an Israeli military jet the video was shot by a
00:50:47 – student named Gil Vaughn I got my camera and zooming the object and as a zoomin
00:50:55 – Belgic began to get closer brighter and they didn't understand what it was but
00:51:02 – what happened next is even more baffling visually it appeared that though the
00:51:07 – objects are interacting notice how the two seem to be checking each other out
00:51:12 – but who is following who is the plane a fighter jet attempting to achieve
00:51:16 – lock-on or awaiting further instructions from the ground or is the orb engaging
00:51:21 – the jet in a little fun finally the two seem to cross paths before the jet flies
00:51:26 – out of frame he is an electronic cat-and-mouse game you've got a
00:51:31 – high-flying surveillance plane throwing all this electronics on this for this
00:51:36 – and there's this kind of bopping away from love from the waves of the beams I
00:51:42 – think it was just playing with this plane but there was nothing playful
00:51:46 – about this dramatic UFO encounter recorded on September 28 1996 near the
00:51:51 – town of rush ie not far from Tel Aviv could this be a UFO being shot down or
00:51:56 – two rival UFOs engaged in battle hamish believes the craft involved are not of
00:52:01 – this world we don't have things like that in anybody's airforce and secondly
00:52:07 – there was no shrapnel there's no sparks nothing physical
00:52:11 – exploded Thomas thinks the UFOs over in Israel are definitely
00:52:16 – not military aircraft but may in fact be alien and their appearance may be cause
00:52:21 – for alarm what are they here for I think there's every reason to fear these
00:52:25 – things however many UFO experts and videographers worldwide believe all
00:52:30 – governments are not doing enough to solve a UFO and nygma's I don't think
00:52:36 – that UFOs come from such a high level of mystery that we're incapable of
00:52:41 – understanding them I think that we have yet to launch the kind of investigation
00:52:48 – that the mystery deserves increasingly self-described UFO hunters from all over
00:52:57 – the world are uniting through informal channels and the internet to share video
00:53:02 – as well as information I'm in contact with about 12 people right now that a
00:53:09 – high score like me but I know they've got to be at least Nicholas maybe in the
00:53:13 – future it's going to pick up they decide something there's going to be more and
00:53:16 – more 100,000 people had camcorders or a camera that right there Congress would
00:53:23 – definitely open their eyes to have a study even NASA's own cameras are
00:53:28 – capturing strange shaped objects that seem to demonstrate technology that
00:53:33 – might be more advanced than our own what's more astounding is that some
00:53:37 – expert actually think that these discs could be tied to our earth hat and might
00:53:43 – also be memorialized in ancient artifact
00:53:48 – in 1938 high in the mountains of China archaeologists discovered these
00:53:54 – brownstones with a black dot in the middle and little notches out of the
00:53:58 – side now if you notice in the UFO here we have a black hole in the middle and a
00:54:02 – little notch in the side the disc that were discovered in China also had a
00:54:06 – carved spiraling wave that rated from the center of the dot all the way to the
00:54:11 – outside of the periphery it was a perfect match I believe that these
00:54:15 – Groppi stones were made as artifacts to record what the ancient peoples of China
00:54:21 – saw in the skies the same thing that we're seeing on this
00:54:24 – tape more evidence that UFOs could have wide-ranging implications to mankind can
00:54:29 – be found in the wave of sightings caught on tape in the Holy Land some Israeli
00:54:34 – UFO researchers even believe these strange craft could be tied to the
00:54:39 – scriptures it seems like every race of UFO and alien are rushing to Israel in
00:54:45 – the last 12 years the Bible says describes what we call
00:54:49 – UFOs today so what are we to make of the extraordinary UFO videos recorded in
00:54:55 – Israel around the world and even in outer space can we be getting closer to
00:55:01 – answering the questions these videos increasingly raised some people think
00:55:06 – it's only a matter of time and that the ever proliferating video camera might be
00:55:12 – the tool that finally make the ultimate difference yes I think that cameras
00:55:18 – might be a tool to prove those things and because without cameras and you
00:55:26 – cannot shoot this thing and so no one can see that your video if you don't
00:55:31 – have it on tape and then it's just another story at a ten billion stories
00:55:35 – we want to sit down take we don't want to get by it we want to see our
00:55:40 – prospects are good but someday most of us may live to see the day when we
00:55:47 – understand what this really is
00:56:37 – there is no strike no they say the I choose this moussaka
00:56:48 – and they may well man
00:58:31 – but you have written evidence that goes against human elevation our evolution is
00:58:36 – reported only by crackpots now this this is one of the standard technique that
00:58:45 – the scientific community tries to use against anybody that reports something
00:58:52 – that goes against their ideas they try to label them in a derogatory way
00:59:00 – without actually discussing facts the worst thing that cause somebody is crazy
00:59:06 – is dismissive I don't understand this person so they're crazy that's bullshit
00:59:12 – people are not crazy they strong people maybe the environment is a little sick
00:59:25 – there are people who believe that they have a god-given right to rule over
00:59:32 – others they believe that their outward appearance is superior to all others
00:59:40 – they Harbor selfish ambitions to be rich and to have power over what they
00:59:47 – describe as
00:59:51 – they lie cheat steal strangled stabbed and slashed their way to power they
01:00:02 – believe that their actual willpower what the British occultist Aleister Crowley
01:00:09 – described as the world of Colima the Royal will must be obeyed because that
01:00:22 – challenge is one that we are willing to accept one we are unwilling to postpone
01:00:26 – and what
01:00:36 – the conspiratorial view of history is the corrective view of history
01:00:44 – conspiracy to grant property conspiracy to make illegal profits and conspiracy
01:00:51 – to assassinate has been a driving force behind the Royal political elite for
01:00:57 – thousands of years it is the Marilyn so be honest were called arising in the
01:01:06 – Horace this country to be well punished Tory sins what punishment prescribed by
01:01:11 – law is terrible indeed if the execution that takes care to exact the extremity
01:01:17 – of pain he is no ordinary traitor


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